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mg 9162a2Viet Anh Door Joint Stock Company, was founded in 2003 in the field of technology and new materials.

On the trend of modern architecture and contruction, uPVC door steel reinforcement German technology is a smart choice for designers, contractors and owners of construction, in order to bring the convenience of decorative and protective safety contruction. Our company would like to introduce to customers the products uPVC door steel reinforcement German technology

Product uPVC door steel reinforcement inherit all features of traditional products and overcome the disadvantages of traditional products as follows:
Safe for use: uPVC bar profile system have structure multi-compartment box with 3mm thick steel reinforcement made of high-strength increase.
Energy saving: Because of multi-cavity structure and tempered glass box should sound insulation, thermal insulation helps you completely comfortable to use.
Withstand high temperatures and does not ignite: uPVC is a mixture of many components including flame retardants should not catch fire when having problem, as well as non-warping due to temperature of the environment.
The color of uPVC door steel reinforcement suitable for all of today’s modern architecture, modern style intimacy with nature.
Designs diversity depending on the interests of each client and each project location.
Maintenance, maintenance very easy
Design and construction of safety quickly
The price suitable for all customer
With the outstanding features of the product uPVC door steel reinforcement German technology, our company launched two brands of uPVC door steel reputation, high quality, has been favored market. Viet Anh Company proudly introduce
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