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Activity motto

The Missing PieceWe are building on these basic values. This made the differences for us and for all activities:

Honesty: Honesty with others as well as ourselves, in all business transactions and always meet the highest ethical standards. We do what was promised, to take responsibility and obligation to work and your actions.

Trust: Trust: We trust, respect, support each other and strive to conquer the confidence of customers and partners.

Diversity: We learn and respect the culture in the places we work,  appreciate and respect the individual’s of unique, as well as different perspectives and talents they devote, always have an open work environment, dynamic and at the same time we warmly welcomed the richness and diversity of people, ideas, talents and experiences.

Creation: Viet Anh Door always looking for new opportunities with unique solutions. We are looking for solutions to solve the problem based on creativity, innovation, experience, technology and perseverance help us overcome challenges and bringvalue to the company, customers and partners.
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